Fode Sissoko Biography

Fode Sissoko is a master drummer, Kora player and composer from Senegal, West Africa. Fode is the grandson of Soundioulou Sissoko, King of the Kora & most renowned master in all of West Africa. Fode is a Griot/Jeli.  He began Kora at the age of 5 and by 8 he was playing the Djembe and Dun Dun Drums. An acknowledged master, Fode toured Africa, Europe and America, performing with Baba Olatunji for 9 years.

The Sissoko family are griots/jeliw and renowned masters of kora, drum, dance and song for generations. Griots are recognized throughout Africa as keepers of the history of their people, through music and the oral traditions. Historically, musicians and griots are transmitters of wisdom. They are highly skilled performers, teachers and are craftsmen of the finest instruments made in Africa.