Jabari Tate Biography

Originally from Philadelphia, Jabari T. Tate was raised partially in South Carolina.  Jabari loves to make music, and has been playing African percussion for as long as he can remember.   He has recently started taking guided lessons on Djembe, Dunduns, Balafon, and other West African instruments from Baba Ira Bond during his time at Imhotep Institute Charter High School. He also played on the drumline at Imhotep and sang on the choir for a short period of time. He also studied a few other instruments like the guitar, piano, and trumpet. Jabari has extensive experience in martial arts and is a first degree black belt in Taekwondo.   He has been a practitioner of taekwondo for about 17 years. Another interest of Jabari is in learning new languages and studying cultures from around the world. He is currently learning Bambara, a language of Mali, West Africa and French.  Finally, Jabari’s often mentions that his is , “a firm believer in success achieved through adversity”