Kidane Watts Biography

Kidane was born in Virginia and has been studying West African music all his life. He has attended performances, festivals, and cultural events ever since he could remember.   He even had the opportunity to play along on stage a few times before the age of 5. Kidane became a vital part of his school’s drum ensemble, “Ngoma West African Drum.” From first through eighth grade he performed at many schools and church events.  While at Harambe Middle School, Kidane studied with Khary-Abdule-Shaeed where he learned the importance and significance of drumming as a sacred art form. Kidane also studied with Baba Kalajojo where he learned some Kora and how to play Djembe with the Kora.   For the past two years he has been studying with Baba Ira Bond, learning more of the cultural significance of the drum, and the healing power that it manifests when he plays certain phrasing.